I just took my child to see Santa Claus for his first Christmas. In America and some western countries, it is custom to go and see Santa before December 25th. This way parents can take pictures and keep warm memories of their son or daughter's childhood, but also kids can experience the story and fantasy that is Santa – the elfs, the North Pole and of course, sitting on Santa's lap and telling him what you want for Christmas
  Heather Pfeiffer
  我剛帶孩子去見了聖誕老人,度過了他人生里的第一個聖誕節。在美國和一些西方國家,在十二月二十五日前去見聖誕老人是傳統習俗。父母通過這種方式拍照留念,留下兒子或者女兒溫馨的童年回憶,而且同時孩子們能聽到很多精彩的聖誕故事和傳說,比如聖誕老人、聖誕精靈,北極等等。當然,孩子們還能坐在聖誕老人的腿上,對他說出自己的聖誕願望。  (原標題:Sitting on Santa's lap)
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